Passion, love, fantasy, jazz, blues, rum and only...rum!

We are Hemingway Tirana! A small bar with a pure heart that is dedicated entirely to the great writer and his philosophy.
Inspired by Ernest Hemingway for a simple life lived among friends, art, culture, literature and jazz sounds, this not-public Bar lies across Lana river and under the "Mimosa" trees.

Located in the city- center of Tirana, in one of the most historical streets of the city that has currently been turned into a social street: the first of its kind in Albania. 

A world full of surprises and novelty within itself which is always able to spread its mission beyond the old walls where it is located. 

Hemingway Tirana has created a lifestyle that embraces social initiatives by organizing concerts in streets and theatres inside and outside of Tirana.

The free spirits and art lovers visiting this magical corner of Tirana experience a warm and positive energy which they ensoul and radiate right after.

The events that we have organized are all named after the titles of Hemingway's books. The cocktails as well...

All the above-mentioned, always served by the staff with humility, pure heart, and real rum!

For good friends we are always open!

“An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend times with his fools” Ernest Hemingway


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